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Crust leather
Release time : [2011/12/6]

    Crust leather is a semi-finished leather. It has been through the dyehouse processes but has not been finished, only dried. The leather is tanned with vegetable, chrome or the combination of both. It is tanned to make       it nonperishable. It is also some times referred to "unfinished" leather.

     Crust leather is usually fit for prolonged storage and easy for transportation. This is an important stage in leather processing. At this point, all wet operations of the leather ends and there is less scope for any major alteration of both physical as well as chemical characteristics of the leather.

     Leather finishers opt to buy leather at this stage.

    Crust leather withstands hand washing and is also ironed on a low heat.


    Characteristics of Crust Leather

  •     It is only tanned and dried.
  •     It can be stored for a longer period.
  •     It is easy to transport.
  •     It withstands hand washing.
  •     It can be ironed at low heat.

     Uses of Crust Leather

  •     Upholstery
  •     Footwear
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