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Italy needs more leather-sector workers
Release time : [2012/9/7]
A prominent figure in the leathergoods industry in Florencehas said that the sector inItalyis going to suffer in years ahead because of the dearth of young people learning the skills that makeItaly’s luxury leathergoods so successful in the global market.

Andrea Calistri, founder of leathergoods training centre the Alta Scuola de Pelletteria, said in recent comments that demand projections for the next three-to-five years sugget Italian leathergoods manufacturers are likely to have to increase their output by between 20% and 30%.

While this is good news, Mr Calistri pointed out that it means manufacturers and their suppliers, including tanners, ought to be preparing now to train at least 2,000 and possibly 3,000 new skilled workers. He said his school offers flexible training courses that can least from two months to two years and is producing around 100 new skilled leathergoods workers each year. “But this is too few to meet growing demand,” he said.
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