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China: leather shoe imports still growing as exports decline
Release time : [2012/11/1]
Confirming recent trends, results for the first eight months of 2012 show that exports of leather shoes from China are declining in volume and in value, while imports are growing strongly.
Exports of leather shoes between January and August amounted to 560 million pairs, bringing in revenues of nearly $7.3 billion. These figures represent falls of 5.7% and 11% respectively compared to the same period in 2011.
Over the same period, manufacturers of leather shoes in other parts of the world shipped just over 15 million pairs to China, with a combined value of $720 million. These figures represent increases of 19.7% and 26.8% respectively.
Another statistic worth noting is the average price per pair of leather shoes. Those shipped from China over the eight-month period had an average price per pair of $13.03. Leather shoes coming into China from other manufacturing countries had an average price per pair of $48.
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