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La Hispano Argentina an Argentine company with over a century in the country. It was founded by 2 immigrants from Galicia, Spain in 1914. In fact, the name pur firm itself resembles the union and effort of the succesive generations that have followed the family tradition in the leather business. By means of a renewed management, have projected the company towards new perspectives of growth based upon a continuous expansion worldwide. has achieved a vast expertise of over a century in the tanning and industrial treatment of high quality leather for its use in the manufacuring of luxury shoes and luggage.

Hispano China is part of La Hispano Argentina group. By the end of 1996, La Hispano Argentina group decides to extend the business to Asia, a growing market of leather. To attend these customers, an office was opened in 1997, when Hispano first established an operational base in Hongkong.


Along with the market development, the company developed itself by increasing the number of customers and establishing new ways of work. In 2000, a representative office was opened in Dongguan, Guangdong China, due to the constant increase of business.

As the company continued to expand, La Hispano decided to have its own finishing plant in China, in order to reduce the delivery time and better serve the customers. The construction started in 2005 and on April 2006 was inaugurated Hispano China factory located in Huizhou, Guangdong province with capacity for producing one

million square feet of leather per month.Nowadays, Hispano China counts on 200 employees and continuous to grow, committed to its customer, seeking for innovation, and providing high quality leather worldwide.

Hispano Cambodia  We have stablished a new operation in Cambodia in order to be closer and serve better the South East Asia shoe and bags manufacturing centers.


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